How Britain Voted at the 2017 General Election

Poll 2017

I switched from the Daily Mail to the Guardian nearly ten years ago, because I felt it was such a frightful mag and the Guardian app has been most useful to me. I am resolutely anti-Tory and was interested as to what YouGov had to say about the election stats - click HERE

It appears that age/education have been more indicative of voting choice (albeit very different voting choices)than class/sex, which is interesting.  I think the pattern of how people vote has changed considerably over the last decade as social media forums are far more influential than Tory-driven newspapers.  Interesting too, that the younger generation said, 'Who is this Murdoch dude?' then tuned into how the press had bias on such a far-reaching level and gues what? Owned by Murdoch.

(The above diary entry was also part of a Live Journal beta testing programme - I think it's OK - my only complaint so far is that I cannot shrink the picture, which is a nuisance).


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