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Road to Wellville
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I am pleased to say that I am very much better - thank you all who sent messages for me to get well.  I am walking without crutches now and next week, I am hoping to drive again (us Brits use stick shift cars, so I need my left foot for the gear change).  The bacterial infection has gone, fingers crossed and I feel that I am back on the path to normal living.

I have just received my final mark back from my satire essay on 'Nightmare Abbey,' only to find that I have got 65% for it and the module earned me over 64%.  I am stunned - falling down concrete steps must have sharpened my wits! Hubby (who is the number cruncher of the family) has calculated that my overall mark for the entire degree is 64.74%, which is a decent 2:1 award.  Obviously, the final year's marks have to go out to be externally marked, so I cannot celebrate until July 14th.  

Still - thrilled :-) Posted from changeling67 at Dreamwidth

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Delighted to hear you are on the mend! Congratulations, and also love and cuddles to Mr Bingley!
I am back in Glasgow, having to fillet the book collection in preparation for the move back to Hull.

Why are you moving to Hull?

More family around. Rent £200 a month cheaper. I was planning to do so when Dad was ill and I thought he was going to be around a bit longer and would need me there. But I'm sick of Glasgow. I prefer the East coast to the West.

I hope it brings peace and happiness for you :-)

Congratulations - I don't intend to wait until July 14th.

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