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Philosophy Matters

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Rosie, this is just FAB!!!!!! I WOULD be the drunken philosopher (continental) but even an excellent wine somehow tastes DREADFUL!!!! Dunno if its the after-effects of the grilled Tum thing, but I just cannot..... the alcohol burns or something. I AM SO MAD, I've a wonderful gold medal Chateau bottled St. Emilion sitting on my sideboard.... I daren't open it, cos I miight have to give it away, or let Brits drink it and they have NO idea about a brilliant wine.

So... HOW are you my darling invalid. Oh IS your leg better, and how is your poor face and headaches and oh ROSIE.... I DO DO DO hope you're MUCH much better and are out in the sun and on the beach and in the lanes and smelling flahs......

What about that election then. Who promised who 'chaos'? Mind you, our Man Mac (Mr. Macaroni CHEEESE) (he has that sort of CHEEESE smile! teehee) is really getting on and DOING things. Wrecking the old political system for starters! HOORAY as we are all singing here.

When do you get to wear the mortarboard?

Hi Looloo, doing a LOT better now, am walking a lot better and hopefully will be dispensing with crutches fairly soon. Bacterial infection has receded, but I have a tender spot under my gold tooth, even if xrays show that there isn't any decay. I am scheduled to see a specialist as I have not seen one for nearly 20 years and I need to know what they can do to help me manage the problem better. It's been tolerable for the past 2 decades, but there has been some possible deterioration of the myelin sheath that covers the nerve. As this is the second time I have had a bacterial infection this year, I need to know whether the gold tooth is the culprit and therefore it will need yanking out under general anaesthetic (cannot be local anaesthetic as I have deep roots and nerve damage).

How are you keeping? Hopefully giving the big C a kicking and are making a good recovery.

Alas, I do not drink -Hubby is teetotal and it seemed rude to swig in front of him, though saying that, I do have a bottle of Bollinger or two (one for my 50th which is 18 days from now and my final BA English award, which will be released on July 14th). I officially graduate on September 23rd.

The UK had a disastrous election last Thursday - I am anti Conservative, but she should never have called an election. Unless her primary objective was to rock the SNP -which has at least shut up Nicola Sturgeon and her single-minded referendum ranting. Alas, she has managed the impossible and is actually less popular than David Cameron in his last election. She should have learnt from his mistakes -never gamble high.

As much as I am anti-Tory, I think what's done has been done and they should just get on with it.

Glad to read this, and you ARE gradually getting better. You ,must have been SO run down.... poor you, but burning candles at both ends and in the middle does not do well for the candle!!!!
I vistted the Dentist this week, thinking I was going to have a lovely new white crown instead of the brown and yellow tooth I possess (one of my last few) but he took an exray and said...OOOPS no. You need both those to come out... sometime. I have a screwed in tooth for one and the other as I said , is mine but apparently the roots are going... and the screw one is growing away from my gums.. I can see! so he want's to OUT both at once. gaaahhh me with no theeth in fronth...... like a six year old again.

I HATE EXTRACTIONS.... so that will happen when I have slept on it for weeks and my mental hypnotist has made me brave enough to cope. I shall probably wring poor Muriel's hand right off while Hubby Jerome hacks away at my face.... he says 3 DAYS before I can put the 'plate' back in... so its nearly ALL his teeth.... oh gaaaahhh I am phobic about extractions.

Otherwise we are HOT and THUNDERY here... sticky and unpleasant... but I am going, which I HAVE the teeth to do it with, is suck on Artichoke leaves and a heart of the biggest bestest artichoke EVER.... had one the other day and gawd, it was booooful.

I'm also able ti indulge in strawberries... tum seems unbothered by the pips... but I'm a bit cautious.... I've bought a load of peas to POD podding them... and broad beans are HELL for me, so peas ??? teehee. I'll find out!

HUGS LOVE and enjoy your summer, and I'm so glad you're so YOUNG still. So YOUNG.... goodness me. and also the stress and worry about results isnt until the 14th July. I shall WISH so hard for you that day. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Snicker and amusing in either sense.

I suppose we can conclude that absolutely nothing helps an analytical philosopher.

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