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i missed you my dear

it's been so beak on LJ here lately

; '

I was AWOL because I had such a bad bacterial infection of the jaw, it nearly hospitalised me. It played up the TGN so much that at one point I was screaming for medication down the phone. I am recovered but drained - that alongside tearing up my ankle, I have had a pretty crap month.

I filled in my blank days with tracks from '100th Window' by Massive Attack. I haven't listened to it properly for over over a decade. It encapsulates a time period that I didn't care for, but some of the tracks were relevant for today.

sweetie, i am so sorry to hear of your health struggle. i can relate to what you must feel like, drained.. doesn't begin to describe how low that can feel. is the tgn gone again? i've been on the verge of some pain again, from stress of everything from wifi to moving to fatigue to exhaustion to my brain feeling like scrambled eggs.. i can only imagine you may also feel like this. it is not fun.

here's to summer and a better place with the promise of warmth from that cold bastard sun.

wellness and recovery, all blessings.

; '

The TGN has simmered down,but is dormant. I am due to see the consultant soon as I need advice. It appears that this is a recurring problem and I need to manage this a bit better.

Yeah, the weather here has been overcast and rainy for days now - makes the air very humid.

yuck, moribund weather, not my favourite..

i am reading thomas mann magic mountain about a sanitorium retreat in the swiss alps 1929 and very introspective for people like us, who don't fit the social parameters

i told my physician today that i think the tgn is returning due to the stress from moving last month, and he said, don't let it - you have a choice

right. shit. tell that to my face...

i never know how much is real suffering and how much is psychosomatic..

good luck bella, may you feel like a million bucks on a desert island with man servants fanning you and feeding you grapes and pouring your favourite beverage
; )

WTF? How can you NOT be stressed? He obviously has no understanding of TGN - it's not a lifestyle choice. In saying that, my own dentist thought the problem stemmed from the fact I am clenching my jaw as I slept. Have you tried wearing a mouth guard specifically fitted by your dentist? It may help a little. i didn't realise how strained I was, until I was aware I was biting down on the guard like a dog with a chew stick.

yes, i underestimated my stress as well, playing the tough guy, for me the mouth guard may have caused the nerve damage, it happened right after i got the guard. grind house..

all the dentists deny they have anything to do with this. they won't admit they can damage a nerve, with anesthetic or oral surgery. dentists are evil...


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