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This starfish reminds me that its hard to find local Moules et Frites at the moment. There seems to be a plague of starfish - the seabed is COVERED about three thick of bright orange starfish - and they are eating all the mussels. Quite extraordinary, as they walk up the posts and suck out all the mussels, leaving one empty shell... the other side drops off apparently.
A frightful sight on the telly on Wednesday last week. I hope the same thing isn't happening your side?

I do loves me moules and frites - a gentle way to sit and slowly absorb a long slow lunchtime in the sun, with the fishing boats abobbing.....

I don't mind fish, but not a fan of shellfish. Starfish are very pretty. Unfortunately both times I have seen starfish in the wild, it was in the beak of a seagull.

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