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Bed Rest
Enforced bed rest. Spent the day watching 'Blott on the Landscape,' now watching the series of 'Danger Man.' Had only ever watched the first four episodes, so I have gone back to the beginning - it's not like I will be doing anything else for a while.

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Is this Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan? Edited to add, if I read your tags - duh!) :P

How are you feeling?

Yes, with PMcG - found it quite dull, but found several characters from 'The Prisoner' have turned up - namely the female doctor in 'A,B and C' and the watchmaker and the replaced number 2 from 'It's your Funeral.'

I feel really overheated and rough, alas - but feeling a bit better.

I didn't think it was as interesting as The Prisoner and got bored with it pretty quickly.

Sigh, sorry you are still not back up to par. *hugs*

Message from Looloo that I accidentally erased


Oh Rosie Rosie Rosie.... I am SOOOOO sorry you're so poorly. Just goes to show you were living on your nerves and just keeping all this exhaustion at bay. You poorly love, and I do send my most hearfelt sympathies and hugs and all sorts of warming comforting thorts.

Oh lovey... what a turnup... oh poorly you. I hope they get the trigeminal sorted, that's bad bad news. Foot will heal but nerves take so long. OH hugs love, HUGS.

Edited to add THANK YOU ENORMOUSLY for finding Blott!!!!!!! That was such an hilarious and clever series. Bless you. am buying the dvd!!! cos its one of those you can watch over and over and still crack up!!!

My reply - suffice to say that I have had a crap month, but am on the road to recovery. Blott is indeed wonderful and also 'Northern Exposure,' which is both kooky and warm :-D

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