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Cogito Ergo Sum
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I am tottering around on very painful limbs at the moment.  I can stumble around the house without crutches but still need them for stairs and outside terrain.  It's really hot both inside and out and the house faces south, so I am absolutely roasting.  Old Cornish cottages don't come with air conditioners, or central heating - so you make do with what you've got.  Blazing stove in the winter with a cold fog on the landing and an industrial fan in the summer.

Suffice to say I am  bored, bored BORED.  Nothing worth watching on the box and I don't want to read anymore.  Crabby and fed up.

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Hope you feel better soon! I hate the heat, too.
Am preparing to move the furniture out of Dad's to the new flat (van coming Tues). Then I'll have to go back to Scotland after the funeral to start clueing up there. I've also just learned my old Classics teacher from school has died.

A difficult time for you - I would feel awful if some of my fondest teachers had passed away too :-/

You've got it worse, I think - both Hubby and I have relatives around the Thornton Heath and Croydon and it's a bloody brick oven at times.

Strawberries. And cold beer.

Sounds like a good idea :-D

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