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Right With You, OP

Found this on DW fandomsecrets page.  I like his stuff, but think he's a dick.  Conflicted much? No.


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I've never been a fan, but his dick-ness was confirmed for me when he insisted his memoirs be published under the Penguin Modern Classics imprint… Modest he isn't.

I think it goes with the territory, I didn't realise he wanted to be under the 'classic' section at Penguin. Bless him, he would have to be dead first.

Edited at 2017-05-26 02:39 pm (UTC)

Living writers can be in the Modern Classics, but their work has to have been in print for a while and have earned that status to be reprinted as Modern Classic…

Good GOD, if people had to like people to like their work I'd have to be NICE!

True - I suppose that I appreciated he could be a 'moderate' dick, I just wasn't prepared for him to be a 'complete' and 'utter' dick.



I need to think about this. That level of dick takes conscious effort.

This is EXACTLY how I feel about Morrissey! Talented artist; complete arsehole. :-)

Hmmm - I was like 'OK, I got you - animal rights, vegetarian etc.' Then he got a bit luvvie and grandiose and I lost interest.

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