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Scott McKenna
Can I just take this opportunity to remind you all that Mr Mohammed from your local shop wasn't involved in last nights attacks in Manchester. Neither was Mrs Azeer from Lloyds Bank or her family. Abdul, a the taxi driver, was watching the news in horror along with everyone else.

The people behind last night's attacks weren't Muslims, they were extremists using religion as vindication for their cowardice.
Please, I urge each and everyone of you, do not lay blame at the doors of the innocent just because of what they believe. They are no more to blame for Manchester terrorist attack than you are.

We are one world and one family. Treat each other as such, because what happened last night should bring us closer together, not make us lash out against our neighbours for a perceived religion affiliation

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Yes - kudos to Scott McKenna

Indeed. However, the problem is a subset of violent and puritanical Salafi/Wahabbi/Deobandi ideology. I've been living in Glasgow. We had an incident there where an amiable Ahmadi shopkeeper was murdered by one of these extremists who drove up from Bradford because he'd seen the poor guy's online messages of goodwill to all. They don't regard Ahmadis (who are often at the forefront of promoting good relations with other communities here) as "proper Muslims". Similarly, the Isma'ili (who, ironically, in 12C were the violent extremist Assassins) are also a very amiable branch of Shia Islam, but are regarded as heretical by these loons.

Indeed, it has been a complex situation that has been going on for a very long time.

Yup. The Sunni v Shia thing goes back well over 1000 years.

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