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The Moment I Have Been Waiting For

I've done it! I've done it!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you - I would join in, but I am a wee bit indisposed at the moment.

Hooray, congratulations!! Must be a huge relief.

Thank you - yes, from start to finish it has taken 5 years (which included an adult education course pre degree) and I am happy that it is over :-)

Congratulations. Especially for your tenacity and hard work. 8 ]

Right now, just recovering after the accident :-)

Are you 100% OKAY now?????? can you beach stomp and surf and gallop about? Oh glory, spring and summer in the very West Country. OH Pasties for tea!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUGS LOVE... hugs like crazy for all of it!!!

I can hobble around sans crutches indoors, but stairs and outdoor terrain warrants bringing the sticks back into use.

How are things with you, Looloo? Do you feel any better xxx?

Little by little and day by day I am getting better and better - didn't we used to be made to chant this wayyyyyy back in the old days... before school prayers! But I am. It is slow and I don't half have to be careful about food. Whoooeee. broad beans, even fresh baby ones, are KILLERS. Strawberries so far are not!!! thank heavens. Blueberries have to be cooked as I found out yesterday, raw ones - nope. So today its a poached egg with courgette puree. Cheese and biscuits to follow and maybe a compot of fruit. So not so bad. and better than a damn tube up your nose with sloshy smelly ick being squirted down past the burnt bit of stomach. It wasn't just the lower gut they murdered, it was almost all the whole lot....INC. stomach. Bastuds as the Bean would mutter. Bastuds.

Anyway - TMI I did a perfect one yesterday! teehee...hahah

Oh darling, poor ankle, and you did do a nasty... tore the Ligament? oh thats not good for skipping waves and kicking seawead lumps. And crutches do NOT work on sand!!!

OH LOVE... at least the damned pressure is off. and you may only need to go to Plymouth Uni to COLLECT THE PAPYRUS ROLL!!!! wearing a titfer of course. Bean might lend you his!

HUGS love, and you'll be a bit better by the time I've replied to you with this!!!

Thanks, Looloo - will aim to spend some time in the back garden sunshine :-D

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