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Today, I fell down some concrete steps. I have not broken any bones, but am in extreme pain. Spent an afternoon in A+E, where they have managed to supply crutches for me for the time being. That is all.

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glad you did not break any bones

I am relieved too, Jonny - amazed and grateful.

And thank you :-)

Geez. That sounds serious. Glad you had nothing broken.

I am very surprised but I don't think I have had a sprain so bad that I cannot put any weight on it. Whoever made the modern day crutch was a genius.

i am so sorry to hear that ....hope you feel better soon and how did you manage to fall down the steps .

My husband was removing the faulty fluorescent tube from the kitchen and when he put the tube down on the counter. It began to roll and he was at the wrong height to stop it. I went to come down the steps, my ankle turned, then I fell down the other two steps.

Oh dear! Love and hugs! I hope Bingley is being a feline comfort-blanket! I sprained an ankle falling downstairs about 11 years ago, and it was a while recovering: I think I did something to a ligament.

I have hyper extendable limbs and therefore weak knees and ankles. It has happened before, but not so badly. Bingley has been most sweet, actually - like a feline hot water bottle :-)

Oh dear!
Cats are fabulous when you're feeling ill. They are, as you say, small animate hot water bottles!

(Deleted comment)
yeah, the ground is the most unforgiving place. Hope you are getting better too :-)

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