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...Especially Myself
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I don't know what is wrong with me.  I just don't have the impetus anymore.  It is like I submitted my diss and now I don't care.  I have written a bit on my last satire essay - but it is mostly bound with quotes rather than an actually argument.  Thing is - I'm done.  Done with the course, education etc.  I have been locked away for so long, it is literally a culture shock each time I go out further than 3 miles.  It's spring.  I've seen precious little of it.  I am surprised to see leaves, rain, shadows - like WTF?  Yet I don't to bow out with possibly the crappiest mark ever.  That's not good or me or my lecturer (who is a great lady and an absolute hoot).

I just have no drive and instead of stepping up to the challenge and finishing like a pro - I am dragging my heels, cussing all the way and just want to crawl across the line and f**k the results.  I need a good kick up the arse.  I would be most embarrassed to get such a frighteningly low score.  So I am going to offload onto dictaphone, give myself a bit of a kicking and get back to working it out properly.

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; )

imagine there's no humans...

it's easy if we try..

no morons below us

above us only sky

man i've been having a similar drag on my system, like i am being slowly vaporized by a laser gun. no jam

Can you not move out from your apartment/home and away WIFI zapping nut of a fellow tenant? Mind you, these days, it is difficult to NOT have WIFI infiltrating our lives on some level. I only switch ours on for critical updates, then it goes off again. Yet, I know that even though the signal is weak, I can still pick up my neighbour's WIFI from across the road. I am in a rural area so there isn't so much of it, thankfully :-/

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thanks for acknowledging our struggle, i wish the neighbour could see wifi. she says she can't sleep (either - wifi?) so she claims she needs the wifi on all night to listen to sleep relaxation off the internet to help her sleep. insomnia is one of the symptoms of emf pollution. many people suffer insomnia these days. we are affected more than most because of the proximity of a high field 6 to 10 feet from where we sleep has slow cooked us for the past 3 years.

right. well, the neighbour in question shares a house with us and lives downstairs, meaning her wifi signal is only 6 to 8 feet below us. we live upstairs, less than 8 feet away depending. we found a stand alone house not shared to move to but not until june 1, that is almost double the rent, but if GFs son shares part rent we can manage it. not sure if you know, housing prices went up 30% here lately and the same 5 years ago, so rents are skyrocketed, while wages remain the same as for the last 10 years. it makes coping rather difficult in the best of situations. if you analyze the wifi in an apartment complex, there are 100 to 200 fields in close proximity, that compound each other and amp up signal strength. that's what happens here. i i throw off the power breaker panel the entire field dwindles to nearly nothing. with the neighbouring signal it amps all the other 12 neighbouring signal. canada has the most lax laws on emf safety levels, that are from wwii radio frequency guidelines. emf is a different animal because it's microwave. the utility companies are self regulating and don't take into account any health effects on people. the proverbial shit hasn't hit the health fan yet. i want to sue the ass off the utility companies and building developers as well as health canada, but how do i do that? i'm just a victim of modern times. post-modern i guess..
; P

The girl could get an app on her phone/laptop/pc and not need the Internet.

she had that but because she runs it all night for relaxation recordings, she killed her bandwidth and got into debt. she's an idiot.

It seems very wrong to be working on a course after the dissertation has been handed in. Kick that course's butt and show it who is boss. Good luck getting the drive back!

I was just thinking that, too - when you hand in your final dissertation, the last thing you want is to do yet one more essay. Thanks for the kind words :-)

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I have 2 full days left. Dissertation mark is around the 18th June :-)

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