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Satire: Nightmare Abbey Rewrite - Day 2
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If Cornwall had underground stations - personally, I love the idea :-D

Well, I have managed to substantially edit it, bringing it down from 2,000 of mess, to 1,859 of fairly understandable train of thought.  A third of it is comprehensible, the other two thirds are bitty.  Yet, I feel there has been progress made, it is just I have to fed in the theory and tailor the argument a bit.  Well, quite a lot, but i will need to motor on tomorrow.

Which might be difficult as I have a houseful tomorrow.  Friends are down from Norfolk and Prodigal 2's girlfriend is due over.  I, however, am to be locked into my ivory tower magnolia office and will leave the entertaining to Hubby and Son.

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ok, i was thinking more like this...

we're with off the bus or we're on the bus...))))

Edited at 2017-05-13 09:32 pm (UTC)

LOL - what was she on (other than a bus?)? Love the colours :-)

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