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Satire: Nightmare Abbey Rewrite - Day 1
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It was my last ever lecture at Plymouth Uni yesterday and I read my understanding of Juvenal satire using the three clips from The Thick Of It- clips are under the cut as they are sweary and therfore NSFW.

(2:34-4:00) Tucker at full froth

(0:00-0:29) Peter goes for a Twix

(0:44-1:12) Peter's Opinion of Mr Tickle

After having a tutorial with the fabulous Min yesterday, i am battling on with the essay today, feeding Bakhtin's theory in alongside my own point of view.  Have not bothered to crosspost it from DW as I haven't figured out the 'cut' feature on it.

I have written a bit, but boy, is it messy! I have even put START/STOP areas in the essay, so I can tackle the tangled heap step by step.  Still, it is 1,390 of knotted wordery, but progress is progress - more tomorrow :-)


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