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The Tail Of MISTER Bingley

Bingley had been thinning out around the base of her tail and assumed that it was mange or fleas or whatever, so we gave our vet a call.  Now Bingley had been a timeshare cat for a fair while, but because she had moved in with us on a more permanent basis, we assumed that Bing was a stray.  She needed medical attention.  Imagine the horror that we turn up there hoping to get her treated - only to find that she is tagged and is noticed as missing.  I was absolutely shocked and heartbroken when the vet called Bingley's actual folks, who we have found lives down the road from us.  And that slinky Bingley with the girly soft fur and cuddly demeanor was actually MISTER Bingley - very definitely a 'blue toothbrush' cat..  Anyway, we walked away from the vet minus Bingley, I was absolute inconsolable.

Bingley's folks gave us a knock and returned him to us, saying he is happier here and gave him over. I was blubbing and doing my best 'puss, puss' and we have their number etc.  It's all worked out in the end and Bingley is now crashed out in the other room.

It has taken a dent out of my research for today and I think I will do the Roger Allam skit in The Thick of It. I am early on the train tomorrow for my last ever lecture and am in lock in all weekend so I can finish the bloody thing.

Anyway - The Thick of It - Juvenile humour at it's best.

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*hugs* I am so happy that this had a happy ending! That was very lovely of them to do!

It was dreadful - imagine feeling that you are a kitty-napper and then the cat is taken away by Christ knows who. Bingley is a beloved family member and it felt like I had put him down. It was very lovely of them to bring him back. They do have four other cats, two dogs and now kittens, so that might have been part of the reason. The guy was great and was was very grateful.

At least all's well and all that! *hugs*

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