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Satire: Nightmare Abbey - Day 2 (Procrastination)
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I currently subscribe to pictures 3 & 8 - well, that is if I am so inclined to work.  Bit skittish today, not really settled down to anything much, except trying to find out what constitutes Menippean and work from there.  I realised that a lot of Pratchett comes under that category, so i feel quite at home in this sub-genre.

Had an interesting chat with a friend, who asked me whether I was considering doing the MA.  I cited age/health/distance/price and replied in the negative, but what I am thinking is that I need a year off and honour my contribution to the household bills.  I will be asking to be put on placement to get experience and see how I do on the job market.  Then I will see how I feel.  Actually it will be nice not living as a penniless student in essentially a potless household.

I am going to start with a grid for the essay - 2,500 words and how I will discuss the finer points.  Promise to do better tomorrow.

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As burned out as you are, I think you are wise to stop here. You've really put the world on hold and it's time you get a chance to come back into it. *hgus*

Yes - this has to be handed in on the 18th, so I have a little time yet. Right now, I am concentrating on finding examples of satire on Youtube for next Thursday as it is the last lesson.

I will keep good thoughts for you that this will be a slightly easier assignment than the last.

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