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Satire: Nightmare Abbey - Day 1

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As previously written, I handed my major dissertation in.  It felt odd, like watching your twin children go to school for the first time and they are in school uniforms and they look like babies.  I felt quite emotional and went to the Roland Levinsky building cafe.  I sat on the rooftop seating area with my richly-rewarding piece of millionaire shortbread and peppermint tea.  I was listening to my iPod, just lapping up the moment, then Goldfrapp's 'Moon in Your Mouth' and it got  to the lyric 'I'm alive' then the tears started to roll.  when it got to the bridge 'We looking at the moon/It's the same face we all see' and it took all I had not to copiously weep in public.

I suppose it was inevitable.  It is 10 months of very hard work boiled down into 10,000 words.  It's going to hit, isn't it? I feel a little odd not doing anything more to it.  I hadn't realised how tense I was until I went out for tea later.  Just such a weight taken off my mind.  One of my friends have told me not to look over the dissertation, once submitted because a) you can't do anything about it and b) you will only agonise over it more.  Anyway, I have to start my satire essay - need to go over Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey with a fine toothcomb.  Note taking - let's see how my last assignment ever goes :-)

Well, I have taken a look over all of the stuff on the DLE and decided that I am going for the menippean angle with Nightmare Abbey.  I think I can get the most out of that than the other ones.  A bit more structure to work from and at this stage, I need to go from demob happy to nailing something down (the other questions are a bit more free flowing and I just want something to direct me).

Tomorrow will be notes/reading.

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Tags: ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, nightmare abbey, satire, thomas love peacock

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