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MD Final - Writing the Bibliography
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This is a collage of my weekly trips to Plymouth University.   Top left and right are inside the Babbage Building, middle - steps outside the Charles Seale Hayne library.  The bottom two are from St Erth station, where I have spent many a wet and windy morning.  I was wondering if I would come to think of it fondly in the years to come.  Or bittersweet.  Or just plain bitter.  I don't know.

Yesterday, after months of being cramped at an office desk, turning increasingly word blind and nonsensical, I basically caved.  Tuned everything out and went to bed.  Today, I am going to do the rest of the little bits and a couple of friends will be having a read of it over the next couple of days.

Bibliography is complete.  I have just messaged the forum to see how many people have used on average. Meanwhile, the MD Inserts List.

  • Title page

  • Acknowledgments (optional)

  • Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Chapters x 3

  • Appendices - N/A

  • Bibliography

  • Plagiarism statement (see handbook).

  • Hand in sheet

Feel a bit better.  Tomorrow, I will sort out the rest.

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I imagine you will think of this fondly someday. From my own experience in looking back on things they seem better as memories, but going through them is so hard. You are nearly done?

Not far off - going through with a fine tooth comb now, plus writing up the biblio (used far more than i thought).

Thanks - yes, tomorrow I will proofread, give it to a couple of my learned friends for their perusal, then print the lot.

It's just been gruelling over the past few weeks. I look a wreck LOL

But you've done it and that's so huge! Wow.

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