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Today, I will be writing my conclusion (with handy notes that I have made at random times - not scrawled on my arms this time).  Not sure what I will be saying exactly, but I think it will a boiled down version of the grid I made from the intro.  Plus I will be seeing if my findings fit at all.  Gotta leave a little room for error, I suppose - you can't get it all right.

Later, I will sort out the general housekeeping i.e. typing up biblio/references, acknowledgements, dedication, contents index etc.  If all goes well, I will check, double check and submit this sucker early.

Remind me - just how difficult are 500 words meant to be?

I have managed to put together a not-too-shabby 800 words for the conclusion.  Two thirds has taken shape nicely and the final third needs unscrambling but I can see it coming together by the end of the week (though Thursday I will be attending a satire lecture, so that's a miss for the day).  I have phoned the Uni library to ask how they sort out the printing and it kind of goes as follows:

1) Print everything before coming to the library.

2) Get two binder covers from the staff at the counter (£5.50 each - check).

3) You will be shown how to bind and the whole process will take only a few minutes each.

4)There will be plenty of people available to assist with the binding, which includes this bank holiday weekend. There will be fewer on hand, but generally the staff can deal with small groups with no problem at all.

5) I have told them that 60+ students will be filing in between now and late Wednesday morning. They have assured me that they will have more than enough supplies.

So - relief all round.  I am even tempted to take it up this weekend to get it bound, then submit Tuesday morning when the RL building is open.  Not long now (6 days tomorrow).

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