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Down to the Calico Sea

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I have just printed all 38 pages off and nothing brings to light editing bloopers like the printed version and a pen.  Have been with this since midday and am a couple of pages away from ch 3.  However, I do feel better looking at it, because I think it only requires tweaking in the next couple of days, plus the additions of a bit more bio and academic resource (not to forget the conclusion - still don't know what that is as yet).

The GIF is unrelated - just loved the look on kitty's face :-D

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That poor little one!

Good job! And it's behind you now, at least for a few minutes!

Yeah - I am finished for now, will be tweaking away tomorrow :-)

Hopefully, the tweaking will soon be done and you will be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

It's bothering me that I have been more argumentative in the first chapter and hardly any arguing in the other chapters, except perhaps turning it a bit to blame some of the deuteragonists more than the antagonists.

You will do what you need to make it a great paper. I have all sort of faith in you!

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