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MD Final Ch 3 - Day 2

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Do you know what I find the most exhausting at the moment?  The need to justify my observations.  Tactical arguing.  Which has been of course the whole driving force of the degree, but I am done trying to find contradictions to what I am writing, then textually shout them down.  If only is WAS still just statement/evidence/analysis.  As in 'this is my evidence, thank you and good night.'

Today is about wading in and rescuing the rest of chapter 3.  Yay - said no one ever.

One thing that I find quite interesting today is that aspects of my ACCESS course sociology/psychology have come back round to meet me four years after I first learnt it.  'Episodic Memory' is one,  the other is something which I can't discuss (not REALLY wanting to be plagiarize myself at this late stage), suffice to say that it is relevant to the picture below.

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I have made substantial changes and am feeling a lot better.  I am about 80% the way through and will be checking my amount of references per chapter.  When I am done (hopefully in a couple of days) I will be printing off the lot and reading it all together and see how it fits and what I need to do in order to change obvious blips and bloopers (I think there will be a bit of a rejig of ch 1 and track down those essays so I can mix some of them in with the other answers).

I am calling it a day for now - just heard from the satire lecturer, who has informed us that the 5% we make up will be on discussing found satirical clips and discussing them with gusto.  Not sure if I am going to chuck in words like 'Menippean' at this stage - I'll see what I can rustle up.

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