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MD Final Ch 3 - Day 1 (It Begins)

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I finished ch 2 early yesterday and then snuck out for tea and cake at my sister's.  Being ever the aunt for quirky prezzies, I bought my niece a pack of cat socks, equipped with large eyes and cute little ears.  Cue 'Squeee' from little one.  Think she preferred them over the Easter eggs.

So, I am back to ch 3 with a LOT of quotes to fiddle around with and quite a bit of paring back to do.  I have 15 days left til hand in.  Trying not to freak out at this point, but I have a lot to sort out for the end production.  It goes something like this:

  1. Title Page

  2. Acknowledgements (optional)

  3. Table of contents

  4. Introduction (including details of any abbreviations)

  5. Chapters x 3

  6. Conclusion

  7. Appendices (if any)

  8. Bibliography

  9. Plagiarism statement (see handbook)

So - a fair bit of sorting/printing to do.  Not a lot re the basic housekeeping - it's the grand edit that's important, plus the biblio and submit sheet.  Back to the drawing board - I have emailed more notes to my account in a bid attempt to tighten some of this up.

I have been looking at ch 3 and have substantially winced, because in comparison to ch 2, it is full of holes.  I suppose that is to be expected.  What is NOT to be expected is that I have a couple of key quotes missing, cannot find said quotes in notes, only to find that the Wise Children book has gone missing.  Hubby is usually very careful about my stuff, but there was an incident about a fortnight ago, when we had a succession of wood mice move into my office.  Now the place is absolutely crammed with reference books, paper folders, essays etc and I could not find it at all.  Cue Hubby having to go carefully through it all for over two hours.  Tense time, but it was found at last.  Am a little behind and need to get things sorted ASAP re the essay.  Right now, it's a mess and from a distance, like my office, it looks like it has had a session not unlike 'slash and burn' agriculture.

A difficult day - so much to reappraise.  I have a feeling there will be a substantial rewrite of ALL of it.

Can't you see me here mama
Mama, mama, mama, please
Can't you feel my heart
Can't you feel my heart
Can't you feel my heart oh
Now listen to me mama
Mama mama
You're taking away my last chance
Don't take it away
Can't you feel my heart?

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