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It’s Been Nice Gnawing You

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I think it's a tad conflicted.

Heh, I agree, but perhaps this is a beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It looks like one tree eating another :-)

Oh Rosie love... that is exactly how I FEEL today.... green vomit and all. This bloody radiotherapy and its FOUL wicked beams. Death is preferable ....

Oh Looloo, I do feel for you. I know it is nasty medicine and I wish I could hold your hand xx

If you were here you'd be drowned in tears. (Only crying makes me sicker!) I WISH they'd find something that would stop the nausea (the shits I can sort of cope with..) I'm sending beams.... of floods of tears and me hanging on to your strong shoulders and just sobbing and sobbing. (tisn't like me... but a good weep would do me a power of good) However, as these are only Virtual Sobbings... stay dry and enjoy your glorious weather? XXXXXX

For what it is worth, I am sending you prayers and love and warm fuzzy vibes xxx

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