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MD Final Ch 2 - Day 4 (Paused to Write Up Notes)

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Today is about copying out quotes from the 7 day loan books with view to giving them back tomorrow.  Left it til last minute, but I am fairly good at typing fast and will record the data re publishing house/year etc.  Not overly fond of lugging the lot to Plymouth tomorrow, especially so near to Easter hols (trains will be packed).  So heads down on the starting block......GOGOGO!

I have written over 1,500 word notes today with view to writing more.  Wish the diss would go this easily!

So very pleased to find more perfect quotes to support my stuff - over 2,500 words in note form.  Perfect - can argue with much more clout.  After my excursion to Plymouth library for one last round up of books tomorrow, I will come back and carry on with my note taking with other key books :-)

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Tags: angela carter, ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, notes

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