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Insurmountable Task
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"What it feels like to start a manuscript from scratch" - Stephen Aguilar (Twitter)

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Dear God, yes.

I can knit together the strands of a story as it is given to few writers to do.

But it sure helps if somebody starts the yarn on for me.

Hmm, I just worry about dropping crucial stitches :-/

TBH I am past that stage, but back about a month ago I had my misgivings.

I know what you mean. When you start a HUGE task, it's often better that you remain unaware of the fact for at least a while. Otherwise, many of us wouldn't even start.

That's why I wrote my theories first, then got academic sources to support. because I know that I would not be the first one with the ideas and I knew that there would be plenty of academic research to support it. At this level, i am not meant to be writing something unique (as you would for a doctorate), but something that is definitely well-sourced and markable :-)

I totally understand this!

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