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MD Final Intro - Day Whatever
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Above is the Writer's Cafe at the top of Babbage Building. Very empty yesterday as it is the Easter Hols.  The campus was quite busy - very few lecturers around, but most of the students are revising etc.  Classrooms are curiously full - let out to companies outside the uni set up.  Last peek in looked like a 'buddy bonding' course that business are so fond of. Sweet.

In regards to my general output, well, I have overshot my timetable by about 2 days, but I will restart tomorrow.  I am done with the intro for now and will go forward with the beginning of chapter one tomorrow.  I wanted perfection - but I feel I am not going to get close, until I let the intro go for the time being and concentrate on the rest.  Thankfully, the first chapter looks like I will not need to do so much to it (I hope!).  Plus side is bringing home several wedge books that filled the rucksack and gave me a hernia on the way down to the railway station.  The price of paying for state-approved education.

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It's always hard to know when to let go and proceed onwards, but I think you've gotten to that point. Good luck!

I think chapter 1 will have minimal change, it's the writing of chapter two and the overhauling of chapter 3 that I am worried about.

perhaps once you get there it won't be quite the chore you were fearing. I've often found that the more I dread a task, the easier it turns out to be.

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