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Segmented Life
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Wow, that's very telling. It's true in so many ways.

I find that more and more as I grow older.

But I also find that it makes less and less difference to me. My drive to 'fit in' is waning, not that it was ever very strong to begin with.

I think that for the first part of my life, I did. I have Spanish, French (possibly Jewish) ancestry and was one of a handful of kinds that weren't the prerequisite shade of pale. I had terrible racial taunts and I think I tried to fit it, because doing so meant a more peaceful life. As I grew up, I realised that most people left me alone, but still felt a bit of an underdog. Now, I don't care. In fact, I revel in it now, truth be told.

We were so cruel as children and we were also so bullied. I was because I was fat and smart. Then the same people who bullied me started coming to me for help after school. I am not sure who triumphed the most. *hugs*

Well, hopefully things will pan out differently in the future :-)

I like it… And garlic and orange strikes me as an interesting combination.

I like the symbolism of it :-)

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