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Tried to get into my LJ account this morning, but couldn't get past the Terms & Conditions section.  Decided to have a proper look at the implications and noticed the gnashing of teeth of other LJ users.  More Blah Blah. Nothing much will change - people will stay put, because it is such a faff decamping to other sites, such as down here on Dreamwidth.  People make a noise about the conflicting LJ changes but only stay down on DW for a few days - realising how spookily quiet it is down here, then graduate back to where it is more convenient.  I don't think it will bother me much as all I do is keep a student blog and am not a fanfic writer, therefore don't need to pedal in the muddy waters of who has intellectual property etc.

I do wonder if the time for actual blogging is over.  Briefly, whilst at college, I was on WordPress, but did not keep that up.  Mostly because people like pretty pix and minimal writing and there is a limit to goofy selfies and hideously photoshopped memes that one can take reading a blog (I try to stick to one of these per post - anything more is just overwhelming people).  It appears that because of the glut of information on the information superhighway, we are reduced to maximum pix and minimal text.  Instagram rather than Insta-grammar.  Umpteen photographs of what I just ate - fascinating? Not.  So I will stick with LJ for now and see where this goes.  When the forum totally empties, I will switch the light off on my way out.

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