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MD Final Intro - Day 2
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Had mini heart failure earlier as I realised the old intro I was using as a template for my new intro, was not the refined one I sent off in December, but its knuckle-dragging cousin from several incarnations earlier.  I had also lost that original intro and somewhere along the line I mislaid the work I was working on.  Seriously, like WTF - where could it have possibly gone to???  I couldn't even remember what it had been titled and saved to.  Crap-oh-la!  Thankfully, I found it. Mood not helped by goons from the House of Wrong next door, who had put an industrial pressure washer on, which echoed alarmingly round the courtyard, rattling both the metal tower (currently up to service gutters etc) and the cats, who were looking imploringly at me, asking me to stop whomever it was who was making the racket.

I had expected to be further forward.  I will stay up a little later to compensate.  After this, I will envisage clouds scudding across my ceiling etc.  Find my 'happy place'


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Bloody hell love. WHEW... oh my gawd..... that made even my fingers go all weak!

WHEW! sorry about the karcher sprayer... has he gone today? XXXXX

I don't usually make public outbursts but was suitably salty from P2's bedroom window. He piped down, but didn't stop. I think my annoyance was not just that I wanted to work, but that they are pulling up the paving slabs before Easter anyway, so why the need for the wash-and-brush-up?

*hugs* It will all be fine! I know it will.

LOL - I thought I was seriously losing it, like - where could it go????

*hugs* It's a little scary that I know exactly what you mean. :D

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