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Junior Cat Versus Senior Cat
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It is a bit like this in my house, except Senior Cat is not so accepting and would pummel Junior Cat way before the final tilt.

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You being Junior Cat and Hubby Senior cat? HAHAHAHAHA

Haha - possibly. Don't think that Hubby has a 'Kill Me' look on his face when the box tips over :-DDD

Great GIF from Facebook that is currently doing the rounds.

I'm afraid my senior would have turned around and boxed Junior's ear. What a mellow cat!

I think my Senior cat will make mince out our Junior cat.

Yeah, pretty much. Unless it was Jenny, then she'd just run and hide.

(Deleted comment)
Junior cat was used to other cat when she moved in with us. Senior cat wasn't and took umbrage,but eventually settled down. He's OK with her if she gives him a three foot zone and stops stalking him.

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