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Run For the Hills - INTRO BEGINS
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I want to run away at the moment. Terrible bouts of side tracking and procrastination - which are not worth it, as my head does a number on me if I am not at my desk.  I have to make a decision as whether to tackle each chapter by book and discuss the characters' archetypes within, or each chapter by archetype and identify the books/characters within each. I have gone passed the date that I can contact my diss lecturer and I need to make this decision soon. Which will carry the best arguments, I wonder?  Which can I sustain better? One will be comparatively boring and may give me less marks, the other will be a headache and a bit of a gamble - which will pay off IF I can sustain the argument.  Godsdammit!!

I have been...well, not doing a lot at all, but not through procrastination.  I hadn't realised how wound up I was about it all. The angle of the diss was really getting to me.  Think I am going to play it safe and do one chapter per book, because the other option is only possible if I was concentrating purely on archetypes, then the latter would have been perfect.  Alas, I don't think I can structure an argument from that angle, unless I had a big chunk of time and guidance to do it.  The problem is about word count i.e. never enough.  Let me tell you, if you have plenty to say, 8,000-10,000 words is nothing, even if you pare back the good stuff and economically cherry pick. I could do it if it was the dissertation for the MA (15,000 words), but I think I would be cross eyed and gaga by the time I finished.

Hubby, Prodigal 2 and Nay (P2's g'friend) are going out to CrapDonald's - I am going to use my time solo to thrash out the problem on Dictaphone. Sometimes writing alone doesn't sort out a muddle and I want time to get this straight.

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I like the Tharp quotation. I have been running away a lot into art recently. My Dad is in hospital over 260 miles away and I can't as yet get away to see him for work/financial reasons. My imagination and favourite books are keeping me going.

Are we talking researching art or actually physically making art? Also, how is your Dad doing?

Literature: hiding in favourite books and character-fandoms. Planning fanfic.

Dad is now on antibiotics with a chest infection acquired in hospital. As he's 82, has kidney cancer and is in hospital to get the oedema on his legs down, I'm scared. I'm 260 miles away and he's told me to come down when he comes home, for support, but I'm scared he won't get out.

I am sorry to hear that your Dad has had such a rough time of it,as so have you. I hope things improve and he gets better. Tentative hugs :-))

Thanks. He's my best friend as well as my Dad. I didn't always get on with my mother. He's my anchor in life, and I'm frightened now we're running out of time.

Just reading Huxley's foreword to Brave New World.... he says

page xli.... "To pore over the literary shortcomings of twenty years ago, to attempt to patch a faulty work into the perfection it missed at its first execution, to spend one's middle age in trying to mend the artistic sins committed ... .... all this is surely vain and futile. .... and that is why this new Brave New World is the same as the old one!"

I thought of you trying to patch .... and wondered if actually Huxley didn't have such a GOOD point there? You are NOT ALONE.... he had the same worries and left his book alone and original. He does write rather nicely .... chatty. Do you HAVE to batter yourself to bits??????? XXXXXXX hugs love.

Thank you, Looloo - I know many people feel the same. Pratchett was never happy, unless he wrung the last drop out of a sentence, always wanting it to polish it up and look further. Ditto Numan, whose film I watched this morning. His process was not unlike mine, having to pick things out and string things together, see what worked and what plainly didn't. The angst, though - and I can feel it too. So much rides on this, I suppose. It's not just about writing a giant-assed essay, it is the Magnum Opus, the most important thing I will ever have written, especially since I am not going back to university again. Once done, regardless of mark, it will have such a massive effect on me. Literally undoing years of terrible crap, self-doubt etc., throwing out so many negative aspects. Psychologically, it is the world, moon, stars, the entire multiverse - proving to myself and the world that I am not a huge f****ing idiot. Which I was lead to believe at home/school and beyond.

I am writing my own narrative, away from the jeerleaders and bullies from yesterday. Do this, get out and I will gloriously f***ing own it. I will definitely and virtually celebrate with you when I am done - love and hugs Looloo Belle xxxx

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