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End is Nigh

This was the last day at uni before Easter break, where I considered whether to do 'Nightmare Abbey' or to consider 'Code of the Woosters'/'Galapagos'. NA is mercifully short, but what it lacks in plot, it more than makes up for hilarity - lampooning the Romantics and the Gothics in one fail swoop. Exhibit A as follows.

(Scythrop Glowry declares all to his would-be love, who doesn't exactly return his love).

'Do as Rosalia does with Carlos, divine Marionetta. Let us each open a vein in the other's arm, mix our blood in a bowl, and drink it as a sacrament of love. Then we shall see visions of transcendental illumination, and soar on the wings of ideas into the space of pure intelligence.'

Marionetta could not reply; she had not so strong a stomach as Rosalia, and turned sick at the proposition. She disengaged herself suddenly from Scythrop, sprang through the door of the tower, and fled with precipitation along the corridors. Scythrop pursued her, crying, 'Stop, stop, Marionetta—my life, my love!' and was gaining rapidly on her flight, when, at an ill-omened corner, where two corridors ended in an angle, at the head of a staircase, he came into sudden and violent contact with Mr Toobad, and they both plunged together to the foot of the stairs, like two billiard-balls into one pocket.'


If that is not lampooning the Romantics and Gothics, I don't know what is.

I can listen to the other books on Audible over Easter. I spent best part of half an hour with diss lecturer, who read through my scrappy 3rd chapter and was as nice as he possibly could be, restraining himself from moaning about lack of critical evidence. Nil desperandum,I am on the case, but need to formulate my own argument before I search for validation. I think his main criticism was that I need to further unpack the argument and signpost more, both of which are perfectly true. I felt a little sad, as unless things take a very different turn, I am unlikely to see him again and he's a pretty cool lecturer. He will be invested in my dissertation, though (amongst six others) and it will be his mark that will be the most memorable of my degree - this is my 'magnum opus' and I am unlikely to forget the slog that it has been, nor his kindly remarks en route.

Now for the final countdown. Rewrite of intro then knuckle down to study and change accordingly :-)
Tags: angela carter, major dissertation, nightmare abbey, satire

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