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Phone Photos - Bridesmaids" Gifts

Took the day off to see old friend who is going back to Tenerife tomorrow. She was the photographer at her daughters' friend's wedding this weekend just gone. Spent afternoon yapping and messing around with my android to get bridesmaids gift shots. Ace shots were lined up on friend's Nikon.


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Nice photos. I have never been part of a wedding, except as either a guest or the bride. What a neat gift to give her bridesmaids.

I have avoided weddings as I am not a fan. Never really did subscribe to the meringue dress and penguin ensemble. I appreciate the art of other people doing it and I think what my friend was trying to achieve re the post-wedding pix was photographic memorial to say thank you to the bridesmaids. Liked the colours - creams, whites, soft blue. Very oceanic :-)

Golly, I have been to one in nearly twenty years and my friends are all married. It's not high on my list either.

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