The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Boy, isn't that the reality for some of us.

I think that the artist's path can sometimes be a solitary one.

I think it almost has to be.

Maybe this is when the 'artist's muse'' comes into play. Not purely for entertainment and inspiration, but to stave off the loneliness. The need to be willingly alone versus being terribly lonely.

I never really find myself alone, to be honest. Not with all the characters and things I have running around in my head. :D

Taking the path less trodden.......

A path most advised against. Artists have had a bit of a bad rap. My grandmother won a scholarship (through her school) to London School of Art and her folks put a stop to it as quote "Artists are just dirty, drunkard drop outs." Plus, the word 'Artist' is usually attributed to other words such as 'starving,' 'penniless,' and 'garret.' Shame, really - because the human race is such a creative bunch. We are never dissuaded from being creative as children, but unless you miraculously become photo-realistic geniuses, or the next Lucien Freud, we are told to pack away 'the childish (artistic) things of youth.' Thankfully, we live in an age where the concept of art is from a wider spectrum and increasingly, people who were dissuaded in youth are now finding themselves with more options to take up new things :-)

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