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Long Day In Plymouth

Began the day with icy, wet blasts of wind and rain. Ended the very long day in Plymouth, some 20 minutes of it being locked out of the classroom. We had to wait for security to unlock it, as lecturer had left her card at home. Trains are running late. I spent some of my time trying to read Byron's infamous 'The Vision of Judgement' which totally trashes Robert Southey's 'A Vision of Judgement".Bit of a spat between the two as Southey was rumour-mongering about the gathering of minds at Villa Diodati, Lake Geneva. Insinuations about with Byron's mistress in situ, plus the Shelleys (Percy Byssche and wife-to-be Mary Godwin) and John Polidori - famously MG and JP wrote their classic works, namely Frankenstein and The Vampyre respectively. Rumour has it that the sour grapes started as Southey was originally interested in Mary Shelley's mother (Mary W-G) back in the day and basically didn't get a look in. Also, Byron did not like Southey's change of political stance, going from rebel left to extreme right - the argument starts because Southey as poet laureate, had to lament the passing of Mad King George and basically brown-nosed his memorial big time. He also lambasts Byron, Shelley et al, indirectly naming them as a 'Satanic School'. Dear me.

I also had to read some of Don Juan too and realised that I wasn't really up to reading or studying Byron. For no matter how funny, charismatic and excitingly dangerous Byron was, he goes on for-ever! At least Swift was comparatively short. Plus, in my final weeks at Plymouth, I find that I don't really want to read archaic, nay even arcane texts and yearn to read something that I can read first time around without referring to translations running alongside. Think it might be Nightmare Abbey but could also be some of P.G Wodehouse. Right now, I am curled up with clean sheets and two hot water bottles, about to listen to Audible books.

Good night all :-)

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in spite of the weather, life is good..

; )

It was OK - just tiring :-)

At least you spent time that might have been wasted, in DOING. And ending up with a lovely drop of gossip that none of us would have known.... I must look into Byron a bit more... I think Proust would have been very useful as a sort of paparazzi in those days particularly.

I do enjoy hearing that someone fancied Mary Shelleys mother... and now my mind shoots off in all directions... tea times (or beer times) with those chaps... oh I WISH we could time tgraqvel and be flies on walls!

I wonder if Byron was one of those talkers that never ever stop, as well. His Pomes are a bit much.

Oh teehee. this is a smashing little post. Enjoy the clean sheets love, nothing like them!!!!!

Something a bit more scandalous - it is documented that in the beginning, Byron fancied Southey, accounts from Byron himself about how attractive Southey was. Anyway, Southey was a rebel leftie (like Byron) who became right and Byron didn't like the hypocrisy.

Southey was considered to be a dullard, in comparison to the genius that. Byron was meant to be. Because his rhetoric was less than inspiring, Byron gave him the unfortunate nickname of "Dry Bob' which caused much merriment from others (Dry Bob is a term for coitis without being able to ejaculate). Tut, tut. Naughty Byron.

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Goggled Southey....yersss. a pretteh boy. Gosh what must have been going on in those days... and all the more 'fun' for being proscribed!

All this is leading me into all sorts of avenues.... I've a coffee table piled HIGH with rec'd books, reference books, sticky posts to get me to google this's and that's...... whew... I just don't want to miss out on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Sod any more Proust .... he takes too long!!! teehee

But really... SO MUCH to learn about, and dammit... I think I'm going to need another 80 plus years to catch up with it all.

HAPPY days love, Happy travellings (I heard on Radio 4 from a typical bloody Minister - god, he could NOT answer a question unless literally shouted at.... 'that there are 200 new carriages being put on the railway lines... by 2024.' Big Bloody Deal. Or did I mishear, and they were two thousand? Anyway, ... I fear you may be the last on the line to be handed one extra carriage all clean and shiny and out of date by 2024!!! I can't believe it. Our SNCF trains are sooooo brill. and they've just opened another Superfast line from Paris to Bordeaux and Toulouse. They just got on and BUILT IT! I love me TGVs....XXXXX

Good night. I hope you had a lovely rest!

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