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Major Dissertation Ch 3 - Day 2

I have been away from the PC for a fair while (bad night/bad stomach etc), but at least I have found out the following a) date for seeing diss lecturer (need to get my third chapter essay plan to him at the weekend), b) I know exactly what the last assignment questions are now - it is either going to be Nightmare Abbey, or Galapagus c) even if I was having sleeping probs the other night, the brain had a 'Eureka!' moment, when I realised exactly what I was going to write about in chapter three d) the healing properties of sleep and apple cider vinegar <--- seriously, anyone with an acidic tum should drink it - diluted in water.

More plodding and chipping away - started by pasting draft one into new draft two and begin tapping away :-)

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Wow, that's how I feel with LJ at times. I will have to remember about the diluted apple cider vinegar! Thanks

I think there are several home remedies - I usually scoff about it, but generally apple cider vinegar has all round healing properties.

Vinegar is supposed to be fabulous for so many things! And garlic!

Coconut oil is another, also aloe vera.

First everyone said how terrible coconut oil was for you, now it's the new kale. Sigh

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