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So many feel that this should be printed as a disclaimer somewhere, some have said it should be printed on t-shirts, tea towels etc.  It is so very true.  I emailed my lecturer last night with a question proposal for the end - he is curious, but wonders how the hell I am going to fit it in.  I suppose it's because I am starting to wander over to the psychoanalytical camp and other than seeing how extremes of categorisation can manifest as idealisation, I am in danger of going off in a tangent which could unravel the whole bloody thing. Hum.I can still make it work, but I believe that it will be down to alluding to some of the Psy Th, but using it to stay within the parameters of Fem Th.

One woman from the forum (bless her heart, she have 11 days left as opposed to my 43) has made a list which made me smile.

Things to do Post Submission:
1) Cry.
2) Consider existentialist aspects of life.
3) Determine reasons for the following: beer, Netflix, and chill, via ethnograpgic case studies.
4) Realise dim employment prospects along with diluted sense of humour.  Blame years of sleeplessness, anxiety, and impostor syndrome.
5) Enrol in a masters <-- How about 'No'? Or 'Hell, no'?
Tags: ba english yr 3

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