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A Few Words On Trigeminal Neuralgia
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Over twenty years ago, I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed and to my horror, I found I had substantial nerve damage to my face. It has left me with partial paralysis and partial overtly-live sensations. Think of what it is like to have had local anaesthetic, then parts start coming back to life.  That is what I have when the face is stable. I have had two operations to try to sort the problem out, but to no avail.  I have been able to keep the pain at bay during the winter, by wrapping my face up in scarves and wearing woolly hats, in a bid attempt to keep the cold out.  Usually it works.  Right now, it does not.

As well documented, I have a lot to do in a small time frame and the pressure has contributed substantially to the problem.  I had yet another migraine this morning and then found I could not eat, nor brush my teeth down one side - the pain was so bad. Usually it is localised in my jaw, but it has spread to my left ear, my nasal passage and the left hand corner of my mouth, so it feels like a really uncomfortable drawstring bag.  At rest, my jaw feels like it has been burnt; when live, it feels like someone has driven a fork into my tooth socket. Dentist says the teeth are fine, there is absolutely NO decay, gingivitis or any other gum/tooth problem.  My teeth are in good nick, with very big roots. After rapping gold tooth where the pain is currently having a problem, dentist concluded that there are only two options available: 1) He will be drilling through my gold crown and straight into the canal to sort things out, or 2) Because of the depth of my roots, I will have to be knocked out in hospital and have the tooth removed in two stages.

I am praying this doesn't happen, as I have six weeks til dissertation hand in and another essay to hand in after that.  If there is anyone who knows any home cures that could help, I would be very grateful :-/

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Love and hugs!
As veteran of a long and complex dental history myself (re: front teeth, capping, chronic gum problems thereafter, root-canal work and – after 20 years of problems – finally extraction), I commiserate.

I think facial neuralgia is the most difficult pain to deal with. It is all located too near Mission Control

I was lucky in not having neuralgia, but years of recurrent gum inflammation and infection.
I wish you all the best.

No home cures. Just wishing you well. The stress you are feeling from school probably doesn't help either.

Thanks, Mary - maybe I should go back to meditation.

If the dentist can't find something wrong with the roots... and there isn't a real physical cause for the pain... DO TRY ACUPUNCTURE. It is fabulous and they've rid me of permanent migraines (and bad bad ones too, due to cranial fractures and mashed grey matter) and my leg when I couldn't even MOVE it for the pain.... all gone... The needles do NOT hurt, tis only a half hour session and it is simply WONDROUS the way the pain goes, and, as far as I am concerned, permanently. It doesn't stop the parts working properly or .... damage anything. Just takes the pain away! I DO DO URGE you to try. Seriously. Being trained scientifically as a nurse I just don't know how it works, but it DOES!

OH TRY love, cos that neuralgia is the bloody END! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I will look into that - thanks Looloo xx

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Thank you - am wearing my dental gum shield during the day now. I am hoping this might stop the tension.

*hugs* Dental issues are the worse. I am keeping good thoughts for you!

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