Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Spring's A Week Away!

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After days spent wearily plodding at a desk, i took myself out for a short drive and a bit of a walk about.  It has actually made that transaction from not being quite so cold, to Spring being literally around the corner - and a very blessed sight it is.  You don't quite feel like skipping along  just yet, but definitely the step has become more * ahem * spring-gy.  Anyway, I am back at said desk, trying to untangle my argument before I add anything meaningful from other texts.

Found this on Facebook, which is a mosaic from Baobab Tree Mosaics - link HERE. I think it's fabulous, like the Lindt Bunny made large :-)

Have rewritten the third draft and let me tell you, at about 20:00 this evening, I thought that the bloody lot had unraveled.  Nil desperandum - I pasted across piecemeal to another document and tweaked en route and viola! Possibly another essay finished, with only minor adjustments, academic sprinkles, bibliography and proofreading.  Then it's onward to the final straight of my major dissertation.  The joy.

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Tags: a modest proposal, ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, jonathan swift, satire, spring 2017

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