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Satire Essay - A Lot Further Down The Line
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I am pleased to say that I am a * lot * further down the line, my end of day count being 2,337, but from page 5-9 needs extensive rewriting (or at least, writing from another angle - long story, but it is important that I question the status quo and proffer a different light).

Tomorrow briefly, i will conclude my writing, but not before I search for essays as the library at Plymouth has been devoid of actual Swift books - someone/or more has denuded the lot and I am left with a couple that I managed to get on the hop from Amazon.  This is the penalty you pay for being a distance learner - the books are whipped before you get a look in :-/

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That's great news! I'm glad that you have been able to move forward. Bet that's making your head feel better, too!


Hoping to plod and finish most of it today :-)

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