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Migraine (Again & Again)

Started yesterday evening, took the Migraleve and went to bed.  Woke up with a stinking headache and it's followed me around all day.  Back to bed to sleep this afternoon, surfaced briefly to answer important emails and now I am back upstairs.  Can't afford time away from the desk at the mo - I have a Wednesday deadline for the wretched satire essay.

Let's see what tomorrow brings :-/

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So sorry, this you do not need, hope tomorrow is much better.

I think I am over doing it - have slept 25hrs in 48 - unheard of for me :-/

I find that after I have the visual migraine thing (colored flashing lights in patterns) I am very fuzzy headed. And then if you get a headache on top of that I really sympathize. Hope you feel better soon...

Have taken the migraleve, with a booster pack of yellow - hopefully that will sort things out.

(Deleted comment)
I had 2 in 3 days last month. Think it's a combination of things - overtired, working stupid hours and possibly hormonal, am ticking towards fifty etc.

Yes, the butterflies are lovely, aren't they? I get them from GIF Art on Facebook :-)

I'm so sorry. I'm sure the stress isn't helping. *hugs*

I am sure this is most of the problem - stress-induced :-/

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