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Make It Write
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The same can be said for students on English degree courses.  I am about day four into writing the satire essay and really want this done and dusted after the weekend, so I can write the other half of the dissertation. I know I have written upwards of 1,000 with another 1,500 to write.

Love the bunny.  I have two fractious cats, one of which won't stop bringing wood mice in.  We have a relatively good success rate of catching them and keeping them alive, then depositing them later down in the bigger woods.  It doesn't help that WM's diet just happens to be sycamore seeds - of which we have plenty.

Onward :-)

I have written about 700 extra words and I think I am making headway.  Because I have gone both word blind and brain dead, I am calling it a night.

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Oh, man, this is too on the mark for me!

refering to bunny in cartoon - Love Da Plot Bunny icon!!!

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