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Just because it's pretty and nothing else.

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When I was a child my aunts' house had one of those in a row house in Philadelphia. I'm not quite sure I remember seeing it but I remember the black floor platform it was on. It's where the dog's dish was and it became a family saying to tell him to "take on the black" to eat something.

Random yammering.

The memories that I have of any cooker, is an old 1950s gas stove and several 60s cookers. I have an old AGA today, which was converted from oil to gas some time in the 80.

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Yes, though I doubt that I would know one end from another.

I like looking at them, but I'd sure hate to have to cook on one.

A friend of mine is in her late eighties and has an old Cornish range. She used to cook on it, but now it is largely for decoration. Stunning, though :-)

My sister's mother in law had one and used it until the day she died. She could make the most incredible rolls and cinnamon buns in it! My hat was always off to here!

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