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"Everybody's Someone Else's Freak, Every Cure Is Someone Else's Disease"

With 24 hours notice, supposedly rescheduled from the week before, I travelling up to Plymouth on My. Study. Week. Off. A crucial day away from the desk. For. A. One. Hour. Lecture. I could skip it, but it has the crucial word 'dissertation' its title. It was not even on the timetable until yesterday lunchtime and we all had a hasty email.

It does not help when I am experiencing unprecedented levels of exhaustion at the moment. I swear to God, this had better be important. I have lost part of tomorrow morning and some of the mid afternoon because of something I can't get out of, or send someone in my place. I will have to bolt the door and take the phones out, because I will go totally 'bursar'*.

This is why I won't do an MA at Plymouth, because I live too far away and if you aren't near enough to have what you need to hand, then it's like going on safari - then you are fully expected to do a days work after that. There are too many knock on events with travel and hastily rearranged timetables. It's the inconsistencies that annoy me - and there are plenty of these. We are meant to fold ourselves round Plymouth and yet they are notoriously clippy if you are unable to attend etc. That's universities for you.

Now hollow-eyed and somewhere between Lostwithiel and Bodmin, watching wet sheep gambol in boggy fields.

*Discworld reference

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Good luck and I will keep good thoughts for you and the productivity of this trip!

I should have skipped it, actually. All she did was yammer on about transferable skills - which we did as part of our portfolio before Xmas. Still, I made it a productive day :-)

I'm glad it worked out in your favor, then!

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