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Home Team
I have cherished members of my home team - which is fully reciprocated.  They know who they are.  The price is beyond rubies :-)

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The ones who give you hope, determination, stubbornness, laughter, joy - the ones who MATTER.


SO GLAD you have yours.

I feel a little awkward as I have SO much to do over the next few weeks, that I can't give the time to others as I would like. I will rectify this in exactly 10 weeks 3 days time. I am just so out of the loop at the moment, but it will pass :-)

All will be resolved..... fear not. We love you and will wait. and PRAY you get through this - its a bit like Pilgrim's Progress... sloughs and stuff.

And dammit ten weeks... looked at one way its a lovely lot of writing./editing/checking time, but then... ten weeks. Its been that since Christmas! so. take yer pick. but I'd go for the tough stuff first.

LOTSA love and clap hands and well wishing and good vibes and STUFF!!XXXXX

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