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Waiting Game

It has to be said - I am not a morning person.

Whilst waiting for my dissertation lecturer to email his opinion back, I have begun researching the satire books coming up;currently Swift and A Modest Proposal, P.G. Wodehouse's Code of the Woosters and Kurt Vonnegut's Galapogus. I have also got a 25% off deal on Audible, so I got the unabridged recordings for comparatively less.

Go me - if I get bogged down in reading, someone else reading it to me will be an absolute boon. Gotta love Audible :-)

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I am a morning person (as long as there is coffee involved).

I can't do audio books. I tend to fall asleep when someone reads to me. :P However, good luck! I adore Vonnegut!

I tend to fall asleep too - but I try to download some of the books, with the ebook alongside. I have yet to do Vonnegut and it is a toss up between him and the Woosters. I have both books and audio books on file now.

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