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Major Dissertation Ch 2/Draft 6 - Part I
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I have emailed the lecturer 1,129 words as the first part (preamble til when Fevvers and Lizzie fall out over the Grand Duke) and I now don't envisage the rest of my understanding of it to be much more than 800 words - seriously hoping to leave 500 word elbow room.  Am already starting to sketch out chapter three, but as of tomorrow, I may have to drop the dissertation for a bit, so I can launch into the satire module - specifically Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, as I plan to write about this very soon.

Meanwhile, I take a break - it's cold and I think I will call it a day :-)

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*hugs* Fingers crossed for you!

Thanks - he has emailed me back saying he will look over it at the end of the week :-)

Well, at least you have that. Fingers crossed that he loves it.

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