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Overdoing It

I am exhausted - usually when I have pushed it too far, it takes about a day and a half to get back on track. I am now on day 3 with not a lot happening. I am also beyond speech, so I have noticed - something else that happens when it's gone a bit too far. My ability to talk coherently becomes impaired, though it thankfully doesn't impact upon my ability to write.

I have nine weeks left and two assignments and 50% of my major dissertation to do. Trying not to run away screaming tbh. I will stay, however. I have to get through to the other side of of this. Maybe it's just sunk in that my life for the past five years is about to be brought to a close. The job market is a very different place than it was half a decade ago. Maybe there is part of me which is unconsciously starting to flap.

Right now, I am snuggled with a hot water bottle and my dental guard in to stop me grinding my teeth, which I am apparently doing during the day as well as the night.

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NINE WHOLE WEEKS.... that's 63 whole days! and you've only got two assignments and half HALF of the assignment. you'll do it easily. Have another aspirin and warm up that hotty and turn over and dream. It will sort itself out in your head while you sleep!!!!!!

And don't worry about a job.... a bit of persistence and you'll be running Hogwarts! Your personality will count for so MUCH!!! Fear not the struggle nought availeth... IT WILL!!!

HUGS love, and pulls your covers gently up to warm the ears.....mmmmmmmmmm

That is my hope anyway - feeling a LOT better today :-=

*hugs* You can do this. We believe in you.

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