Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

February Platform

Mournful morning, followed by a difficult meeting with diss lecturer, who as sweet as he was - we both knew that chapter 2 has been a bit of a lash up. Disheartened, but I will look at it again with fresh eyes.

Also - mini panic when earphone split in my ear, whilst I was on the train, leaving half its contents in my ear canal. Managed to get plastic part out, but sucky-rubber end was lodged for over half an hour. Hot train = humidity and it caused a vacuum. As pure luck would have it, we went through a long tunnel quickly and the sudden increase/decrease of air pressure was enough to release it - managed to scrabble and dislodge the final part (albeit discreetly - the middle of a crowded train is NOT the place to have an earpiece malfunction and be able to retrieve both fractured earpiece and dignity. Especially if you are are trying not to show you are panicking).

Now comatosed and eager to get home.
Tags: angela carter, major dissertation, nights at the circus, plymouth university

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