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M is for Monster Headache

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That reminds me of the old-style opening titles for Doctor Who

Yes, it does - when I get migraine, I lose peripheral vision and it feels like I am staring down an elongated bean tin.

Sounds most unpleasant!
Love and hugs – hope you are on the mend.

Need to rest up a bit, will take it a bit easier tomorrow :-)

I'm mourning a lovely, cuddly cat who belonged to some friends of mine nearby. He was part of their lives for 3 years, and I got to know him and loved him too.

Sorry to hear that - furry friends are precious

Charlie was a real sweetheart, who used to kiss you on the nose and lick your hand. His Daddy has not yet updated his Twitter page, but sadly he was put to sleep today. He was about 13, white with a pink nose, pink ears, pink paw-pads and big golden eyes.

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Awww so sweet - have put a photo of Dylan my cat on LJ, so you could see him :-)

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